January 26, 2017


No matter what business you are promoting, if you plan on using any form of paid advertising, then it's HIGHLY important that you know who you're audience is! That way, you will have a better chance of getting your products and services in front of the people who are more than likely to purchase!!

Below, is a short training where I'm sharing 1 of the few methods I use to look for additional hidden interests that don't get targeted as much. I have a few ways to use for targeting but this one is very simple and easy to implement today!!

Check out the video below!


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"Only you can design your destiny!"


January 09, 2017


We are currently entering the 2nd week of 2017 and unfortunately, some people have already quit on their dreams.

But not you right?

Clearly because you're here reading this post and I want to send you a virtual high five right now!

There are many reasons why most people don't get the success they search for but the one I want to share with you today is about staying in the game. 


One major piece of advice I took away with me from my Dubai trip for a private mastermind was that when building a business, you must expect to fail many times before you get life changing results. This is also said in the book "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill when he shared the story of a family who went mining for gold. They struck gold and some time after, they lost the vein to retrieve more gold. Instead of pushing onward, they threw in the towel early & someone else came along to that same spot found the vein and came into massive riches.

This story holds true for so many people who come online looking to earn an extra thousand bucks per month or even to become millionaires. Because of the stories of success by other marketers, they only see what's on the surface. But if they knew the stories of most these marketers including myself, they would know that we've been building businesses for quite some time. Often times failing on numerous occasions until we reached success & even at the point we still experience failure in order to move up.

If you can understand this early on in your online career, you will see why that when you experience failures, you can easily learn from the mistakes you made, pick yourself back up quicker each time and keep pushing forward. 

Failures are nothing but learning experiences. 

Some people cannot deal with failure and think the first time they experience one in their business is that it's some type of a sign that it's a scam, that they aren't good enough and so on. All which is untrue but it's their subconscious mind feeding these beliefs so they end up retreating and giving up on their dreams in order to continue that unwanted path just to stay in comfortability. 


So how to overcome those initial failures?

Self analysis. Determine what you steps you took prior to that failure so that you clearly know what not to do the next time around. But don't dwell on it too much. It will feel defeating in the beginning but overtime you want to be somewhat robotic to this and only see a failure as a step that just didn't work.

Next, wake up the next day and do your daily tasks as usual. You don't want your failures to knock you off your game and keep you from doing what's going to be beneficial to you and your business for long term success. 

It's important that you marketing every day especially in the beginning stages of your business and if you fall off and go M.I.A. for days or weeks, it can have a negative effect on your business. 

Another way to push through the failures is to be transparent. When connecting with your audience, you could send out an email, do a video or live stream sharing how you tried a strategy that failed and how your audience can avoid it. Doing this helps to make you more relatable to your audience and helps to build rapport with them and let's them know that it's okay to make mistakes in business and recover from them.


Below is a video I did about Staying in the Game for 2017! It's short, simple & to the point! 



"Only you can design your destiny!"



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December 10, 2016


A message for US! <3


To be a successful entrepreneur or business owner, it's always mentioned that we must have a positive mindset and to also keep ourselves in high vibrations in order to receive that which we desire.

As entrepreneurs, we know this!

When looking back at the overall picture we see this and share with others how important this is to business & personal growth but when we break it down on the day to day process, there are many times this seemed so difficult to achieve. 

One could be getting constant grief from our families. From them not supporting us, to them talking behind our backs about how we have changed and how we think we're all that just because we just see the world differently now.

When we read books daily, when we follow success stories, and the highly successful people we are connected who tell us that for long term success that we can't be bogged down with the daily gossip, first world problems meaning that peeps have a roof over their head, food to eat, a car to drive etc and somehow still complain about stupid shit everyday.

The same goes with friends because now our habits are changing and some just won't cosign to the fact that we're growing and somehow feel left behind. Or the fact that we want to be surrounded by others that understand what we are wanting to achieve in our lives and need those people to give us that push especially on those days when we just want to throw in the towel.

We know that if we get caught up in this, it's keeping us further and further away from our goals. So we choose not to participate in these conversations & when we do, we get criticize for it.

Another reason could be that we are building businesses that we're not in alignment with. We know this because we're not waking up in excitement to build it and see it as "something you gotta do right now". But we know that mentality is wack because we know we can do whatever we want!!

We know this because we've done it before!!

We didn't like clocking into jobs to earn money because it was something we had to do right now. We didn't like our situations so we walked on faith and we, in turn, changed it!

And look at us now!

We know that we can definitely step up in some areas to catapult our businesses above and beyond but sometimes we fall short. We know what we need to do to push us over that desired income goal we are wanting for this month, the next and so on...so we just need to fucking do it!

This post was going to be for anyone looking to build a business online but I quickly changed it and made this post for us!  ENTREPRENEURS & BUSINESS OWNERS!

We may all be living in a nice house, driving nice cars, traveling more, spending more time with family etc but the reason why we keep showing up everyday is not only to maintain our current lifestyles & to help others but to also achieve MORE! 

So after we wake up after we're done sleeping, opening our laptops from our couches in our PJs or on some tropical beach somewhere, we have the opportunity to change our current situations to own private jets, doing work in your PJs from the penthouse suite of a 7 star hotel that you're staying in for months at a time, taking your kids to every Disney theme park around the world, helping millions of people instead of just a few thousand and so on.

We have the ability to conquer and achieve so much more!

So again let's fucking do it!!


Much love to you all!!



December 01, 2016


When I started my online business back in 2013, I started with videos! Even though a lot of people were on Facebook, I had more success right out the gate using YouTube, putting out a lot of content and then having people connect with me on Facebook after watching my video on YouTube.


Now, the 2 reasons why you should be doing video marketing:

You can earn passive income! With video marketing, you can create a video one time and that video will always work for you over and over again! Think about this, if you have multiple videos working out there for you generating commissions, you can easily earn a extra couple thousand bucks a month!


Below is a screen shot of a a $95 commission I made this morning from a video I did in 2014 lol


Video helps with your branding and building authority within your niche. By you being consistent with your message and providing value, people will build that necessary relationship with you which in turn helps to generate sales for your business.


Check out the video I shot giving more details on this! 



“Only you can design your destiny!”


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November 30, 2016


February 8, 2015....

Me and my sister were just docking from our cruise from the Bahamas when our phones started going CRAZY from all the calls and text messages we missed because we didn't have access to wireless service or internet during our trip.

My heart was literally pounding like a drum in my chest as we saw the constant 911 messages...

We then found out that the right after we had set sail to the Bahamas, our mother had passed away.

This threw me in for a loop because after this, I fell into a depression and I had no desire to build my business online anymore. 

This went on for some months. I tried to get back to work to take my mind off of things but I was never 100% into whatever I was doing. 

So that summer, me and my sisters took a week long trip to Negril, Jamaica and that trip gave me the release that I needed at the time and to help me reconnect and build a stronger bond with my family and to give myself the green light to move on.

When I came back to the States, I was ready to get back to work but I wanted to build a business that didn't require me to build large teams, talk to too many people etc and that's when I was introduced to e-commerce.

I've heard the term a few times but I thought it was something too intense for me to learn until I was shown how it works and how to get results. 

I went in looking to make an extra $100 per day with e-commerce but by my first 30 days, I had earned over $10.3K in revenue and went on to do over $100k in sales since then! 

How was able to achieve these results?

Well right of the top, I got help from someone who was already having success with e-commerce to get my initial results that helped me achieve over $10k in my first 30 days. I was testing and launching new products every few days with broad interests. Even though I had several products that were selling, I had 1 clear winner that pushed me over the 10k mark easily!

By me buying some ecom home study courses, I learned how to optimize my store and additional apps I could use to help increase sales! 

I sat down on a Saturday and watched that ENTIRE product from start to finish in one sitting and then I went back and started implementing what I had learned and by me doing that, I was able to cross the $20,000 mark in revenue!

At this time, my sessions had ended with my coach at that time and while I could reach out to him for a random question or two, it was now up to me to continue and increase my learning so that I could get better. 

So I constantly stayed active in the product group and referred to certain modules in the training over and over again and by day 90, I had reached over $40k in revenue for the month! 

Mind you this is my first time ever building and maintaining an online store!!

I knew early on that everything is a process and even though I saw others having massive success in their e-com business, I did not allow myself to get so hung up and attached to what others were doing. I had to only focus on my business and constantly remind myself that I will only get out what I put in!!

There are no definites with this!!

You must become comfortable with testing, a lot of trial and error and go through the process in order to gain success!

So if you're looking to CRUSH it with e-commerce I highly recommend getting a home study course and that way you can learn at your own pace and then always have the material to refer back to whenever you feel stuck or overwhelmed. 
I have created my own ecommerce home study course, eCom Diamond, that will be an ever evolving product and a staple in my online store!

"Only you can design your destiny!"

November 28, 2016


To stick to my morning routine of setting my intentions, goal setting, reading books, etc, I found myself watching a video by Abraham Hicks on YouTube. I know that I've seen this video many times but I honestly believe that every time you watch or read something and repeat that process, you learn something new every time! 

Occasionally, I will find myself in a moment of panic because current situations in my life aren't exactly where I want them to be. But right before I do a total freak out like I used to do early on in my online career, I remember to catch myself and change my thoughts quickly.

If you are a follower of the law of attraction, you know that thoughts become things and if you allow yourself to get "stuck" in a low vibration, everything you are thinking at the moment will start to manifest itself. So that's why it is important to change your thoughts onto something more positive.

Now when I say that where you are right now is only temporary...well it is because your current status in life is the because of what you were thinking about yourself in the past and now you're in the current manifestation of those thoughts. 

It is very easy to get swept away in the emotions that we are currently feeling especially when they are negative but it also just as easy to change your emotions into positive ones that will be more congruent with everything that you desire! 

If you desire to have more money, more wealth, better health, an increase on your lifestyle, you MUST be in a state of high vibrations in order to receive that of which you desire. Each time to start to feel a negative emotions and then fall deeper into that feeling, you are blocking everything that you do want and attracting everything you don't want. 


So how do you change your vibrations? 


Whenever you feel a negative emotion, start playing some music you love!! I say this because some mornings, my thoughts are going a mile a minute and some are very negative thoughts so I immediately put on some EDM or House music which changes my mood on a instant because I can't help but to be happy listening to that music! 

You can also start journaling and writing down your intentions of the things you desire to help reinforce your faith in what you desire. 

Also, whatever negative thought you are thinking, immediately think of the opposite thought and put more energy into that positive thought. So for example instead of focusing on "I have no money!" think of an opposite thought like "I don't have any funds at this moment but I will get more money this Friday!" Something as simple as a change of words can change your vibration and allow more good things to come your way! 

Remember, where you are right now at this moment is only temporary! Everything you are thinking about today is shaping your tomorrow so be mindful of your thoughts and keep your vibrations HIGH everyday!!


"Only you can design your destiny!"



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November 22, 2016


I hosted a live stream where I shared how I was able to receive over $18K in sales in my business over the course of 2 weekends! 

Check it out here!!


If you found this training helpful, be sure to check out my "How to Make $10K (or an Extra $10K ) a Month Live Stream Series by clicking here!!


"Only you can design your destiny!"


November 14, 2016


I have a confession….

It wasn’t until during my 2nd year of building a business online that I started to have anxiety attacks. I’ve never had them before so when I experienced my first one, I felt shocked because I had no idea what was happening or what to do to solve it. 

Now, I’m not a huge fan of taking prescription meds so I started to do some research on natural remedies for this. From the research I found, I was having anxiety because at times, I found myself so focused on the future and what could happen instead of focusing on the present. This was definitely the case being that I was now working from home building a business by myself. I had no supervisor or a manager etc telling me exactly what to do.

The last part…trust me it is amazing but I to have fear wondering if the actions I take will lead me to more success. The fact that some days I was so focused on the “what if”, it caused me to have those attacks. That’s when I learned that I have to pull away from the computer and do something else. Sometimes I’ll leave the house and go have lunch somewhere, meditate for 10-15 minutes or even take a power nap in order to help clear my thoughts.  All of these in turn have helped me to be less anxious and actually I haven’t had an attack in well over a year and a half.


Something else that helped me was remembering what other success stories have mentioned and that is to embrace failures. So instead of focusing so much on “what if this could go wrong”, I had to get familiar with “if this goes wrong, so what, try something else”.  This helped me to understand that for the most part, most things weren’t going to completely right the first time around but that if I keep focusing on the goal, experimenting and doing things to move towards that goal, I will in turn hit my target! 

So if you are experiencing this in any way when it comes to your business or maybe just in life, you can use the methods I mentioned above to help you to move forward. I still have days were I feel the anxiety about to creep up but instead of them taking over my entire day to the point that I removed myself completely from my business, I now know how to better manage it, take the necessary steps to relieve myself and get back to work and focus on the tasks at hand. 

Hopefully this helps ya! <3


“Only you can design your destiny!”


October 24, 2016


In my continued study of other success stories, one pattern that I see between them all is how these leaders have presented themselves to the marketplace. Some took the social media industry by storm in a relatively short period of time by doing this….marketing daily, yes but also becoming VALUABLE to the marketplace.

You see, just because you post a lot online, talking consistently about your business will not make you successful. By you putting out content in addition to marketing and generating leads every day, you are positioning yourself as the expert within your niche. Once you have created yourself as “Neo” you won’t have any issues with getting more sales, clients, sign ups etc. 


So how do you make yourself more valuable?

Check out the latest episode of Linsay TV to see how to do just that!


“Only you can design your destiny!”


October 18, 2016


**Be sure to read to the end...an EXCLUSIVE opportunity will be presented that you don't want to miss!!**

So on my recent trip to South Florida this weekend, I visited Tiffany & Co…again to purchase another gift for myself since I had hit another milestone inside of my business. Another reason why I went back to this location again was because of the amazing customer service I received while I was there on my last visit in September. 


As soon as I walked in, I was immediately greeted and without hesitation, given an immediate tour of EVERY collection within the store! Not just the ones they assumed that I should look at. I purchased a necklace and a pair of earrings on my initial visit and then a pair of studs on this visit which I absolutely adore!! 


The reason I’m writing this post is because I know many people who are selling jewelry items using Shopify and some who are shipping directly from their homes and if you are the latter or are looking to do the same or use a warehouse, then this post is for you!


Just by taking the time and the extra little effort, doing the small things can make the biggest impact on your business! Below is a picture I took from my recent purchase once I got home to show the extra details Tiffany does in order to solidify themselves as a solid brand. It first starts with their bag in their signature color with their brand logo, then it goes onto the small box that includes a pouch where you can keep your jewelry in along with a set of directions on how to better care for your newly purchased items, a small white envelope where they place your receipt in after your purchase and also a small cloth that you can use to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new….again with their logo splashed on it! ;)


Trust when I say I absolutely LOVE my new jewelry but what has made me a fan of Tiffany & Co and a repeat buyer is because of their stellar customer service and the additional perks that come along with purchasing from them, not just putting some jewelry in a ziploc bag but actually putting them into boxes and then wrapping those boxes with a white bow….again it’s all about those small details! 


If you are reading this and you’re not selling jewelry or possibly STUCK trying to find one of kind products that can help you to earn 6 figures a month in revenue with your ecommerce store, be on the lookout later today as I will be posting on my social media and through my email list an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to work with an amazing person I know who has been doing ecommerce for well over 10 years, has made close to 8 figures in this industry and has also taught others to do similar in their stores!!! This exclusive mastermind will also include a trip to China where he will show you how to connect directly with the suppliers there and source your products and skip the Alibaba/Aliexpress mess and to find those products people will go completely ape shit over!! This can help you to generate a 6 figure a year or month store! Only 15 spots will be available for this so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this!!


“Only you can design your destiny!”


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